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keep. the lines and actions don't stop u.s. officials say the pentagon's considering military options on syria despite president obama's dismissal of unilateral airstrikes. exporting revolutionary libya is accused of running guerilla training camps for foreign militants as nato comes under fire out the u. one for refusing to investigate civilian deaths during its air raids against gadhafi. might go into the fall and now the future inks instead of having dinner by one or two o'clock in the morning they thought it was a good idea to go into the house of commons and try to take part in the debate.
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it's a drug democracy and he's come under fire for drinking too much with allegations that important votes are being cast while under the influence. is uncommon in broadcasting to you live from the heart of moscow on charon terror around tree top u.s. defense officials have admitted that president obama asked the pentagon to set out military options on syria but defense secretary leon panetta and army general martin dempsey said the no fly zone similar to libya is would be a challenge that's due to the syrian army's higher confidence and military capabilities u.s. lawmakers are also trying to push through a fresh bunch of financial sanctions against syria and are calling for president assad to be referred to the war crimes tribunal but experts inside syria believe
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the more foreign powers intervene the more violent the crisis becomes the most now reports from damascus. as the syrian conflict stretches down to time it has also spread geographically a case of the uprising far from the country's borders what's happening in syria is far greater. than what you've seen is the international community mobilize against the assad regime strategic analyst dr salinas says one thing is clear though it's certainly gun far beyond the words of sympathy and the cotton to those on the ground in syria that mobilisation has many more forms than officially stated and there's a growing outrage in baba amr the syrian army arrested fighters from gulf countries in afghanistan iraq libya and some european states their work was coordinated by kotori and saudi intelligence officers as well as cia mossad and blackwater agents
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but it's also seized israeli weapons especially in taking missiles and israeli drones the us defense contractor formally known as blackwater and now called academy was notorious for its heavy handed tactics during operations in iraq and pakistan while the us and many other countries have admitted kind of link to extremist groups fighting alongside the armed opposition in syria dr salim says some countries are using those groups to further their own interests. to get local players involved in order to hide their involvement this is why we are mostly arabs like saudi arabia and qatar or iraq and these countries don't have democracy at home of course they cannot ask for establishing it in syria they have another agenda. there are books and written sources where this plan is described in detail decades ago and had of course never blogger and freelance journalist has been investigated for a new poll in syria's crisis since last year she says this is
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a story with three main chapters often smuggled across the border overseas contractors and foreign cash. when you see a lot of money in syria then you really believe that this is comparable to what happened in the big war in lebanon there were plenty of money then you will find that the government talk about hundreds of dollars or something nobody would get in so. now you would see now this is the beginning here in syria with more and more reports on international involvement emerging and calls to arm the opposition getting louder even for those at the grassroots of the uprising the initial euphoria is turning peter. they can say we regret what we did but we don't want things to go back for a return so much militarized globalized and blow and we never want to and don't
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want intervention no one but fears our abdulaziz says that this could be too late to stop this all to far into planes of conflict. an option r t damascus syria reports that the pentagon is writing its forces come after president obama said a unilateral air strike against syria would be a mistake he was opposing caused by a veteran senator john mccain who is urging military action against assad's troops transport caster gerald celebrities said washington's not interested in diplomacy. when you hear war hawks like senators lindsey graham and john mccain calling for bombs away and again go back and play over you see the same scenario their heads come in and they say we have to because we need to. and we have to use diplomacy in the meanwhile they're building up the military conflict and you heard
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president obama say at the height of the iranian incident with netanyahu that he said you know that at this time where there is not a lot of sympathy for iran and it's a holy cow why it's here is on the ropes we have to quiet it down a little bit the syrian conflict is also dominating talks up a u.n. security council where the accused of training and preparing syria down militants discussions also touched on in his bombing campaign over libya last year during which more than one hundred civilians fell victim to a mind error rates and students the organization refuses to investigate our kids marian of course is a new york with more on the meeting. a new report that was quietly released by the united nations on friday that report was an investigation that found in part that nato has not sufficiently investigated the air raids have conducted on libya in two
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thousand and eleven that killed at least sixty civilians and injured at least sixty five more people despite the findings of this two hundred twenty page report nato officials have refused so far to further investigate the state's holidays or the casualties that this report was referring to now the russian ambassador to the united nations for tali churkin also went on to say that water has not yet been established nearly or more than a year after a nato carried out its airstrikes to allegedly bring on more of a piece of the peaceful and secure circumstance to libya the situation is still very dangerous. we have expressed concern about gun control proliferation of libyan arms in the region however it is not just the weapons that are going abroad we have received information that in libya with the support from their authorities there is
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a special training center for the syrian revolutionaries and good people are sent to syria so it's hard to legal government this is completely unacceptable according to polls legal view says the security undermines disability in the middle east. isn't syria and therefore there is an issue as transporting the revolution now turning into transporting terrorism in the aftermath of what happened in libya one year later the situation on the ground many critics say is not safe for by any means. the head of libya's interim government has threatened to use force to bring powerful tribal leaders to heal after they declared autonomy for an oil rich region in the east the leader of the national transitional council went on to claim that probe adolfo infiltrators were behind the move joining me now to talk on how this might pan out for libya is reporter patrick hayes from the online world affairs magazine spiked. libya is currently very fragile there are power struggles
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protests and pockets of fighting in that context isn't the end he sees threat of force justified to keep the country from imploding. well absolutely not it's very striking and i think you know you almost couldn't make it up to. you now the head of the national transitional council there a former gadhafi himself the minister of justice under gadhafi is no not selected at the moment there haven't been elections taking place in libya they're talking about a gene deadline for those but they haven't taken place so we have a long elected form of. change sides during a struggle last year he's now freshening to use force against you know the kind of the eastern region. about its head because they decided to act autonomously i think that's very worrying you know this is an unelected representative saying this until
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you go how can you justify this you know how can he actually say i'm any better than gadhafi if i'm going to use brutal force if i'm going to use coercion to try and keep my country together so it meets with my will which is not the will of the people because i haven't been voted it's staggering i mean really here it's the hypocrisy there it's just there for everyone to see and i think it really speaks about the national transitional council in libya which was largely put in place as a result of being granted permission to rule from the west really has no legitimacy to rule in libya and has not got the mandate of the libyan people at the moment and that's why very sadly we're seeing pockets of libya practically just splinter off into fifty states and go back to you know go back to the kind of tribal divisions they had before libya was kind of unified as the states in the fifty's were going to say that and he see. some sort of strength i mean you have delayed reforms on to
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false promises it has left it short answer port so in that case a collapse would be catastrophic for libya so what choice is locked. well the n.c.c. i mean the n.c.c. ship could show strength by actually putting forward ideas and a vision for thought libya thing could unite the libyan people and that isn't that's what it's not doing at the moment you see what you hear from the m.d.c. repeatedly are basically arguments that are negative arguments there fred so you hear from jill. that when he was talking about the protests in benghazi which were protesting for more transparency for election dates in january he said these protests are very negative thoughts for libya because we might face a bottomless pit if they have their way he's now using this bottomless pit analogy again you know if the split breaks away if they become a semi autonomous region then libya could face kind of utter collapse these are
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negative arguments he's basically saying you should support because otherwise you know the other way and i don't think that it's what can you know it's a country i know actually convince the m.d.c. can unite the country i think what they need to do is they set out a plan for elections make that happen as soon as possible and then get out the way and let's level libya become democratically governance there's talk of using force and then this threat to try and unify the country will just breed. contempt for the leaders we've already seen the head of the m.d.c. having spirit move and i think it will cause much greater problems and very briefly eftpos threats are carried out which in absence would mean a civil war tell me how will that bode for the future of libya do you think. well i think well first it's important to remember that would be very hard to carry out those threats because the m.d.c. doesn't really have control over a military in libya it's very split at the moment you have not received militias
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walking around effectively you know like you know uncontrolled walking around tripoli you have weapons you have to get out and so my hometown which is effectively an occupation by militias from misrata which is also starting to break away and the m.d.c. has no real control over them that they don't even have the means to pay these militias at the moment so it's by no means certain that you would be able to get the n.c.c. to exert force but i think in terms of the future of libya it could very easily splinter into a civil war where you have the east versus the west battling one another the n.c.c. have been very biased towards western control of these two thirds of the oil the west would have about two thirds of the vote. kind of seats in the new libyan council that's been proposed so you can see that everything is fragmenting everything is splintering and i have to just say this is something that we've seen anticipated quite some time it is the west that has wrecked libya here for their intervention through bringing through cherrypicking
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a council the national transitional council and saying we think these people like julio are the best people to be caretakers of the country to bring it to a democracy but basically rich democratic initiative from the libyan people who were getting together to read for gadhafi anyway have basically put it in the hands of a few unelected cronies who could pick simply be worse could lead to be a complete disintegration a horrible disintegration in libya i'm afraid the future looks very bleak at the moment there are signs of hope the people of libya haven't given up patrick raddatz all the time we are patrick a reporter for on line spiked magazine thank you for being with us thank you. so i have for you on the program a new showdown looms in libya. the women's rights movement rally and mobilize a nationwide as a libya's interim leader is desperate for support pander to powerful islamic factions. and iran nuclear talks are due for a fresh round trip but while the iraq obama hopes they will drown out his saber
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rattling senators israel still looks poised to strike. representing the british people in parliament can be thirsty work and it seems some m.p.'s are enjoying the perks of the commons a bit too much with a late night brawl just one of a number of alcohol induced episodes our london correspondent laura smith looks at why the word order is more likely to be heard in the bar than in the chamber. actually yes. this behavior by members of parliament now not an uncommon sight on our t.v.'s ever since the late eighty's when cameras were allowed inside but are they trying on power all simply truck we have heard about stories of very physically carried through the voting lobbies which. would have i mean any other. joke where you could get that drunk work an obvious x. thirteen year parliamentary veteran lembit pick has seen the seedier underbelly of
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life in a house of commons where m.p.'s have been known to vote on matters of national and international importance under the influence a member of parliament might go into the bar and have a few drinks instead of having dinner by one or two o'clock in the morning they thought it was a good idea to go into the house of commons and try and take part in the debate i assume that at least one time it was very funny but i'm not sure quite how professional it was here in the parliamentary state there are nine separate bars for the use of the people who work here and guests the most notorious among them is a stranger as far away and he's been rival parties often clash so much drunken revelry goes on there that it's used to be a little arrow nailed about fifteen centimeters from the floor which indicated the exits to those who were crawling out on their hands and means outside the rarefied atmosphere of westminster in towns and cities around the u.k.
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binge drinking is a huge problem inside it seems is no different last year's sero were listed and d. said some parliamentarians are too drunk to stand up in debates and have no idea what they're voting for tory m.p. mark reckless admits he was too drunk to vote on the two thousand and ten budget and insists he doesn't remember pulling over and m.p. . paul farrelly admitted wrestling in newspapers near a parliament bar although he maintains he wasn't drunk recently m.p. eric joyce has been charged with assault following a late night punch up in a parliament bar and all that boozing is subsidized by the taxpayer the subsidies are under about thousand pounds per employee and it's it's a work of about fifteen quid for a steak and chips if you're a member of the public so. we watch and probably be subsidizing the drinking age
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m.p.'s defend the culture as part of the job high pressure long stretches away from home i was a long people spend a lot of time together and the building is old fashioned doesn't mean you have to drink a lot but i guess that was part of the club atmosphere and it probably still is. all of which leads the taxpayer wondering whether this is an appeal for calm the retreats request nor a smith r.t. . when a few minutes on the programme the hacker by. the nonmembers movement takes out the website of an internet security giant after the community suffers a betrayal by one of its own. iran is warning that any talks on its nuclear program will fail the west continues to head it with sanctions international leaders have agreed to restart the international negotiations which have stalled for over a year as well as the charts to iran's agreeing to let u.n.
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inspectors inside a military facility that suspected of atomic weapons work and efforts to prove its nuclear program is peaceful and u.s. president barack obama says he hopes the new talks will help silence washington's hawkish voices but there are worrying reports from an x. israeli intelligence officer that tel aviv but won't rely on diplomacy for much longer global affairs researcher benjamin shad believes the u.s. could also be waiting for an excuse to attack. but the only thing we know for sure that iran is working on nuclear technology for peaceful purposes and everything else are just. to put it another way circulation strong. israeli and u.s. officials it seems to be some kind of theater of the israeli and the american officials are playing because obama seems to try to convince israel.
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diplomacy would be the better way but in fact. soft power that he is using to meddle into iranian iran's interior affairs probably will not succeed not with economic sanctions because although they will. still countries like china india japan and south korea and others who are still importing iranian oil so probably. the american administration will say well we tried everything israel attacks because. how likely is an attack on iran that's just one of the russians are the country's deputy foreign minister his interview is coming up next hour. and the tories hacker group anonymous has taken down several web sites belonging to internet friends
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company pounds of security the firm is bursted known for its widely used anti-virus software and the move is seen as retaliation over the arrests of hackers from another group while sec who is a legit ringleader turned informant for the f.b.i. their twenty eight year old man had been working with the u.s. government censors arrest last summer the group is known for carrying out several high profile attacks such as breaching different systems are the websites belonging to cia fox news and so many political commentator luke samuels says arresting harker's wrong to cheat anything anonymous is a group that genuinely sees itself involved in a kind of cyber war where they play the part of the self-appointed protectors of internet liberty because it's worth bearing in mind that the most this group has actually managed to achieve a shutting down master card for a couple of hours so this kind of jittery response on behalf of western governments is really interesting and it really does show that this is
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a set of governments that completely run out of ideas and the only real response they can come up with is using the law in this kind of role for tarion way which in the end of the day is completely pointless it's not going to prevent these ideas from spreading around i think there's a legitimate question to be asked about how the law needs to get involved if at all in these situations but the point is that the moment anonymous and you know the rest of it taking place just represent a kind of hysterical response there's no sort of there's no water project on what the western governments are doing in this situation it's kind of a knee jerk reaction with absolutely no content whatsoever. human rights lawyer. believes we are witnessing a large scale internet revolution. i'm sure it will be a serious dispute. in how should we review actually. we could clearly criminal actions or arrest something that is for this estate is a whole lot believes no simple answer but i think that being the only reflects
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a very difficult which in this society it is in poland we see did not exist. wait for introduce illusion and wait for people to how didn't get rid of all old fashioned regimes including the media regimes while the other feel threatened by what is happening dr g. to you mantle pressure to sign the agreement and then the matter drop it's really became a big topic that we all should care about because the game is not over it has he stopped at the level of you in union but it will come back next year up to do you justice gives each opinion and we all have you very much aware of this process. now look at some other stories making headlines around the world. thousands of taiwanese farmers have staged protests in the country's capital against government plans to import u.s. beef containing a growth drug the newly reelected president charles house said he wants to strengthen ties with america by resolving the dispute which has stalled trade talks
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taiwan currently has a ban on u.s. beef containing traces of a feed additive which washington insists is safe. floodwaters in south eastern australia have left thousands of people displaced with river levels continuing to rise in new south wales several towns have been completely inundated with water some being declared a disaster starts further south in victoria over six hundred homes are at risk of flooding as surging water threatens to breach makeshift levees. crowds of coal miners have marched in western romania refusing to work for a day because of most hours and for working conditions the stoppage comes after negotiation with government officials broke down several thousand demonstrators want their state owned company to other an agreement made in january giving them a ten percent pay way. back to one of our top stories now the situation in libya
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as the state struggles to return to normality another conflict is taking shape across the country about all of wills as well under way between an increasingly chronic government and a freshly reborn women's rights movement artie's arks on a boy who has this report it was a very special way to celebrate the international women's day amal is a university professor from going to ghazi and two of her sisters work cleaning toilets in a building operated by believe this national transitional council. for them proud to have been up to involved in the revolutionary movement from the very beginning after forty two years of gadhafi regime we just couldn't stand it anymore i want to be part of that but i'm open to any work i can clear the streets or the buildings i just want to be around people who are still early days who believed in the revolution before the nature intervention and women were every bit as
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enthusiastic about the ag of liberation as there has been brothers they volunteered in the kitchens in hospitals they took to the streets and social media sites they stood by because doing work demanded wouldn't. they had of the levy and women's union says the arab spring was the single most important step toward gender equality in this largely patriarchal society women helped their evolution and the revolution how there were several women in the new government and we need to hold on to these achievements we can give them back at this conference in violence against women attracted hundreds of delegates from across lee bear one of the issues discussed was whether air has been forcing himself upon his wife or constituted rape a few man who were present kept quiet and some even left in its session topically being men are far more eager to discuss isn't the opals its side of the gender debate the country's interim leader brought to power by the revolution has already
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promised to legalize polygamy makai that the soviets the limited number of wives to give them is again and it should be banned. the proposal is seen as an attempt to curry favor of all powerful militia and to encourage down settle back into a peaceful life taking multiple wives takes a good income it groom expected to pay down to every bride's family and provide each woman with a comfortable lifestyle you have the rebel seemed undeterred. opinion about having not one wife but two or three i think this is right because sharia law. but what seems to be giving most credence to the only game initiative is not so much who is for it but rather who was against it oh it is this particular dance sells more market and was also a firm believer in the non-separation of women held not polygamy and leveled the divorce playing field by giving women equal rights for mandated the quality of play
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and interviews benefits to encourage women to continue working after childbirth unlike in other arab countries only been has been sounded good after you were banned from restricting their wives inability by chief out. and in thinks more than a quarter of we've been women of work. so much so that susan who moved to tripoli from england two decades ago after marrying a levy of sas she never felt constrained here women's rights of changed over the last twenty three years family situation the change they now encourage their daughters their wives their work to drive and to finish their education it is now her daughter's turn to get married and well susan firmly believes that her grown up little girl should be the one and only asked us not to film her face just in case the groom's family doesn't like it. or see tripoli. coming up we delve deeper into the secrets of moscow's most renowned attractions as we talk to
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a woman who's explore the city far and one before that i'll be back with the headlines but that's just after a short break.


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